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Home Cleaning

Home Cleaning

We offer domestic home cleaning services all over Dubai.We removing all unwanted substances, like dirt, and different impurities, from your homes...

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is the method of removing or eliminating dust/dirt and alternative unsanitary particles. We offers specialized deep cleaning of villas, flats and offices.

Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

We Provides Deep and External Cleaning Services for all Sofas and Upholstery all over Dubai. All sofas and upholstery are totally shampooed and dried

Carpets Cleaning

Carpets Cleaning

We give deep and external cleaning of all carpets all over Dubai at any condition. All carpets are totally shampooed and dried

Tanks Cleaning Services

Tanks Cleaning Services

Professional tank Cleaners helps you to eliminate the contaminants in your water tank.provide a brand new comprehensive tank cleanup service all over Dubai

Ac Duct Cleaning

Ac Duct Cleaning

Trained Ac Duct Cleaners helps you to eliminate the contaminants and waste residue in your Ac Duct



Scheduling Painting Services in Dubai by Today itself for your villa,home and office


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What We Are Doing

White Touch Cleaning Services , best cleaning company in Dubai with a comprehensive variety of services like Home cleaning, Deep Cleaning,Sofa Cleaning, Disinfection & Sterilization, Carpets cleaning, Water Tanks Cleaning , AC Duct Cleaning, Painting, Rob Access Maintenance. We offer competitive proposals for the cleaning of your assets. Comprising a team of expertise managers, professional technicians and skilled support employees, we assure complete solutions for cleaning services.

Why People Choose Our Cleaning Services

Avaliable 24×7

If you need to clean your home, apartment,shop or office needs in 24 hour , then call us .We Provide 24×7 Cleaning Services in Dubai.

Quick Services/Response

Book Cleaning services will take less than 60 minutes. And you will get quick response at early as same day

Quality Assurance

We focus on giving high quality cleaning services with fairly price

1000 + Satisfied Customers

Customer is our Strength. We have 1000+ satisfied Customer with the quality of our cleaning services. We focus on our customer happy and satisfaction


Affordable Prices

For all our Cleaning services, We set affordable and standard rate in order to meet customer expectations and also very cost effective Cleaning Services

Fully Trained Professional Staffs

100% of our Staffs are highly  professional,well-trained, trusted and reliable

Avaliable Locations in Dubai






Business Bay

Dubai Marina

Jumeirah Village Circle

The Gardens

Al Jaddaf


Dubai Silicon Oasis


Dubai Sport City

Dubai festival City

Dubai Motor City

Ras Al Khor

Al-Barsha Hights

Al-Barsha Hights

Dubai International City

Cleaning Services in Dubai

We always focus on effectiveness and Quality of Cleaning and disinfecting services. We Providing all types of cleaning services in Dubai since 2002 at very affordable rates. For all over Dubai home cleaning we are charging only 20 Dhms / hr . Book Now our services Now. We consider into Four Major Steps for cleaning the home,villas, office or any commercial buildings

Cleaning & Washing

Cleaning is the first step. We will remove all unwanted organic material using broom,shovel or scraper. In order the save the usage of water. Using all cleaning equipments, our cleaning professional will clean the surface and make ready for Washing

After doing proper cleaning , our team will move to washing process, For large scale commercial purpose we are using high pressure washer . For residential and office washing purpose we following soaking before washing the surface and then using detergents to reduce surface tension and make the cleaning easy.

Disinfectant & Drying

The Next steps we focus on disinfectant . Disinfectants are basically some chemical that can be used to control , prevent or destroy microorganisms on surface. We always using toxic free chemicals for disinfectant purpose, it can be safe for all. For building cleaning purpose we use only hard chemicals that can be approved by Dubai Municipality Authority

For drying is very important for cleaning services, after doing all this our team will let the surface for drying about 24 hours. We Staffs are using Steaming for drying Puropse to make your space clean and Germ-free


COVID-19 unfold is showing emotion difficult for several people, dynamical daily life in unprecedented ways. All sections of society – together with employers and workers – ought to play a job to guard themselves and every different and facilitate forestall additional spread of the illness. World Health
Organization is providing recommendation and updated data on COVID-19, and on however employers will defend their workers, what measures they must absorb the geographic point and different connected factors.

our people’s safety is our main priority and that we still take all necessary precautional measures to guard the well-being of our team and our customers. To that finish, we have taken further steps to confirm that applicable COVID-19 preventive measures are being applied with all our professionals to work safely. We’ve considerably increased our hygiene observes and enforced five main tips that specialize in work practice controls and private protecting measures to stay our team and customers safe.

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